Our Creative Cards


Customize your Easter table with our decorations!


A fun gift for mum or dad! Easy and magical, it's the perfect activity!


A special tutorial, in collaboration with Madame PATACHOU !


macrame hanging

Making a macrame hanging has never been easier!

Unicorn keychain in Plastique dingue

Make your beautiful unicorn keychains in plastique dingue!

A Ki Sign fabric pouch

Create a Ki Sign fabric pouch !


Cristal effect with Fimo®!

driftwood jewelry holder

Driftwood with FIMO © !


String Art : the new home decor trend for 2017

Our greedy little jars

Our jars full of greed, to slip your tasty treats in !

Cabochon jewels

!!! Decorate, stick and shine !!!

synthetic leather wallet

Because we love trendy and easy accessories to create.

Frames cactus in tape

Easily realize a trendy frame with our tapes.

Lovely dreamcatcher

A lovely dreamcatcher for beautiful nights.


A 100% made of QUEENTAPE wallet to DIY !

Treasure from the sea

with the polymer clay template, make a pretty treasure from the sea !! Try it, it's very easy !

Graphic necklace with shrinking plastic

Make your graphic necklace with shrinking plastic ! Try, it's easy !

Mr Fox in shrinking plastic

Have fun with our little fox in shrinking plastic !

Dragonfly CREACORD

lovely dragonfly takes off !

Queentape flower

It's Spring ! Create your beautiful Queentape flower !

Decorated candles

Easy and trendy! Decorate your candles easily with our sheets of wax ready to cut !

Jars to decorate

Create a beautiful and personnalized Christmas decoration thanks to creative jars.

Molding with Oyumaru clay

Reproduce your favorite objects thanks to Oyumaru, the innovation from Japan !

Bracelet to decorate

Design unique jewels to decorate with FIMO® and impress your friends.

Creative Soap

Offer an awesome and original soap with flower petals inscrusted... We promise it is easy to realize...

Varnish Jewels

Beautiful and colorful jewels that will awake your style...


Realize your own CREACORD® bracelet. A simple and fun activity for you and your friends!

FIMO® Tartlet ring

A delicious FIMO® tartelet ring we would like to devour !

FIMO® House Glass Ring

Realize a house ring full of softness thanks to FIMO®!

FIMO® box with metallic effects

Create an elegante FIMO® box and give a very realistic ceramic effect...

Tissue Box

Offer a beautiful and beautiful tissue box decorated with paint and tapes!

Aluminium Thread Jewels

Make an original jewels with feathers, feutrine and alu threads...

Sweet Photo Montage Frame

Realize a beautiful and sweet photo frame montage with magnetic canvas, paint and magnets...

Make-Up Case

Personnalize easily your make-up case with adhesive fabric and rhinestone...

Table Decoration

A creative and personnalized table decoration thanks to the napkin technic !

Adhesive Textile Accessories

Create endlessly with adhesive fabric!

Jewelry Box

Design an elegant jewelry box for you or your friends!

Schrink Plastic Necklace

A rock chain with shrink plastic and impress your friends!

Gift Wrapping

For all occasion, realize your own gift wrapping and please your family...

Feather Brooch

An awesome baroque brooch that will boost all your clothes...

FIMO® Home Decoration

Realize beautiful ceiling lights to decorate your home with FIMO® and candle holders!

Baby Foot And Fingerprint

Create beautiful fingerprints or footprints from your kids thanks to molding alginate !

Venetian Mask

An original and elegant mask for Carnival ! Get yourself noticed !

Varnish Jewels

Imagine delicate jewels in glass vernish, a new technic !

FIMO® Jewels : Hidden Magic

Learn the hidden magic technic and realize awesome FIMO® jewels...

Creative Mask

A Venitian mask to stand out on parties !

FIMO® & Oyumaru jewels

Reproduce exactly a FIMO® jewel thanks to Oyumaru, an innovation from Japan!

FIMO® Creative Card

Realize colorful cards for all occasions thanks to FIMO®...

Sweet Candle

Realize beautiful macaroons with molding candles, yummi !

Candle Personnalization

Realize stylish candles to decorate your home and your table !

Springtime Ornament

Create a fresh and spring decoration thanks to FIMO® Air Basic, paint and PAPICOLOR® paper...

FIMO® Toffee Apple

The FIMO® toffee apple we feel like eating !