The company is specialist in modeling products and is the official distributor for FIMO®

Modeling is one of the most popular activity in Art & Craft. It enables to create objects and jewelry with many different shapes or design. Modeling enthusiasts will find all the FIMO® products to all modeling accessories to realize different projects and use different technics: texture sheets in order to give a wood or stone effect, hidden magic technic or millefiori technics. Many displays are also available to make the offer even more attractive.

The well-known FIMO® hardening in the oven polymer clay is divided between different categories. True colors of FIMO® Professional gives brilliant and bright colors and it remains perfectly stable after oven for precise and fine works. FIMO® Doll art has the same advantages with flesh colors in order to give life to dolls and figurines. Beginners will use FIMO® Soft, easier to work with while FIMO® effect will emphasize all effects: glittering, shining, precious stones, pastel, metallic…

Those polymer clays can be used with basic modeling tools such as cutters, thermoformed molds, latex or silicon mini molds, texture sheets, extruder, clay machine. This way, all sweet or food creation can be created such as sweet jewelry.

Varnish, creamy effect, coulis effect are perfect and offer very realistic effects to realize macaroon or cupcakes.