Create a soap or candle: funny activities for infinite gifts.

Soap and candles personalization are super-easy and enable anyone to discover the DIY world. That’s why the product line also includes products for beginners.

Soap, a playful activity,

Colored soap blocks can be simply put in the microwave oven. Then, the soap can be put in a mold and can be colored or perfumed thanks to a pipette and it’s done! The “petits savons à l’ancienne” are an original idea for gift, perfect to begin in this activity.

Making its own candle, simple as a child’s play!

As for soap, candles can be easily created in different colors and shapes. They can be melt and mold very easily either with a latex or thermoformed mold. Posh, trendy or original, they bring warmness and happiness at home.

Thanks to candlesticks molds, in plastic or latex, creating a candle is very easy: add a wick, a scent, a color and then, the desired candle is ready. No inspiration? Special sets were created to realize very easily beautiful candles. For the most creative ones, some wax pencil, candle varnish or candle transfer will give very aesthetic effects.