This large product range for wood, cardboard, papier maché, polystyrene and felt offer attractive prices and can be decorated in many different ways to fit all tastes.

These products include many designs and utilities. First, for kitchen and cooking: knife rest, kitchen tools, napkin ring… But it can also be used for office and bedroom, garden, home decoration or organizers.

Very easy to decorate, this raw material is useful for realizing beautiful and quick decorations, using different technics such as pyrography (when heating, it creates beautiful prints in the wood). Paint, gluepatch, napkin technic, paper or glitter also take part of all the decoration possibilities.

Available for adults and kids, this activity is perfect for stimulate kid’s creativity. Also, during Christmas time or Easter, these products are very successful. Vases, sweet box, pearl and jewelry can be offered for birthdays or Mother Day.

Creativity is the only thing needed to create fancy or harmonious creations and create a perfect home!