We are all talented, especially our kids! Creative, with a lot of imagination, they will know better than anyone else how to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the DIY world.

Thanks to the vegetal modeling clay made in France, reusable or FIMO® Kids blocks offering the FIMO® technology adapted to kids, they will get acquainted with the fun of modeling. Little cutters in plastic enable to create without any danger letters, numbers, animals or little other shapes.

FIMO® Kids is a polymer clay specially developped for kids. Easy and pleasant to knead, FIMO® Kids product range offers 24 colors to realize many creations with kids. FIMO® Kids develops imagination and boost creativity. Creating it own toys is now possible with FIMO® Kids !

All children will find an activity that suit their tastes.

More precise and very interesting, soft rubber can be used for beautiful and colorful creations. Original, magnetic sheets enable to create magnets to decorate and leave everywhere at home: fridge, washing machine, magnets frame…

To create funny, sweet or fairy shapes, either adults or kids will share their passion for ironing beads, a game that enchanted our childhoods and that kids will learn from their parents!