My Amigurumi Recipe: THE challenge!

A 4 weeks challenge to develop a delicious amigurumi recipe (or pattern) on Insta.

Why a recipe?

Because our crochet yarn balls are all named after an ingredient: salted butter for light yellow, brown sugar for beige, milkshake for pink… but also spinach for green and carrots for orange (don’t forget to eat your vegetables!).

You choose your colors (egg yolk, mineral water or even sardines if you are more adventurous) and you create your Amigurumi Recipe.

Where to find Graine Créative crochet yarn balls?

Carte Maps
Liste sites web

PS: if you really can’t find our crochet thread balls near you, you can use others with similar colors to our ingredients.

How to participate

Get 5 balls of Graine Créative’s crochet thread, to choose from your favorite ingredients (carrot = orange, butter = light yellow, espresso = dark brown, milkshake = pink etc.) Pick whatever you like!

May 22
Show us the photo of your chosen ingredients by posting it on Insta, tagging @grainecreative & @lespetitesmainsdeKhucCay, and with the hashtag #MaRecetteAmigurumi

From May 22 to June 19
Cook your own amigurumi recipe from the ingredients you have selected: it’s crochet time!
Size of the amigurumi: 10 to 15 cm

Crochet size: -/+ 4
Graine Créative’s yarn balls weight: 27 gr

From June 5 to 12
Post a photo of your amigurumi’s progress on Insta, tagging @grainecreative & @lespetitesmainsdeKhucCay, and with the hashtag #MaRecetteAmigurumi

June 19
Reveal your brand new amigurumi on Insta, tagging @grainecreative & @lespetitesmainsdeKhucCay, and with the hashtag #MaRecetteAmigurumi
You can stage your photos with kitchen utensils, for a star chef effect!

June 26
We reveal the 10 winners selected by Graine Créative and Khuc Cay.

What will you win?
We love you, so we want to spoil you
N°1: the winning pattern will be developed as a kit in partnership with Graine Créative
N°1 to 5: 48 yarn balls (24 colors) + 4 amigurumi kits Graine Créative x Khuc Cay
N°1 to 10: 48 yarn balls (24 colors)

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