Art & Craft sets offer complete solution in order to discover (or improve the practice) a specific activity. In the one hand, this gift sets enable to get all the needed material to realize a project. In the other hand, the Graine Creative® sets make the creation easier thanks to clear instructions in order to make everyone succeed the activity

A large choice of the Graine Creative® gift boxes is available to discover many activities such as modeling, jewelry, molding, candles.

We are all talented, especially our kids! Creative, with a lot of imagination, they will know better than anyone else how to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the DIY world.

Thanks to the vegetal modeling clay made in France, reusable or FIMO® Kids blocks offering the FIMO® technology adapted to kids, they will get acquainted with the fun of modeling. Little cutters in plastic enable to create without any danger letters, numbers, animals or little other shapes.

FIMO® Kids is a polymer clay specially developped for kids. Easy and pleasant to knead, FIMO® Kids product range offers 24 colors to realize many creations with kids. FIMO® Kids develops imagination and boost creativity. Creating it own toys is now possible with FIMO® Kids !

All children will find an activity that suit their tastes.

More precise and very interesting, soft rubber can be used for beautiful and colorful creations. Original, magnetic sheets enable to create magnets to decorate and leave everywhere at home: fridge, washing machine, magnets frame…

To create funny, sweet or fairy shapes, either adults or kids will share their passion for ironing beads, a game that enchanted our childhoods and that kids will learn from their parents!

To brighten up a boring wall or bring a fancy touch to furniture, stencils are a good idea to decorate it home.

Because personalization is more and more important, decorative stencils are a must!

Available in different sizes and designs, they are high quality, removable and adhesive and can be used in many projects. Made in France, all stencils are produced in Preuilly-sur-Claise plant.

Stencils offer many different themes such as fairy, modern or audacious patterns to decorate the bedroom, the kitchen or the kids’ room. Stencil are washable and can be used several times. Mini stencils and stencils for kids are a great activity to stimulate kids’ creativity… and to allow them writing on the walls.

Create a soap or candle: funny activities for infinite gifts.

Soap and candles personalization are super-easy and enable anyone to discover the DIY world. That’s why the product line also includes products for beginners.

Soap, a playful activity,

Colored soap blocks can be simply put in the microwave oven. Then, the soap can be put in a mold and can be colored or perfumed thanks to a pipette and it’s done! The “petits savons à l’ancienne” are an original idea for gift, perfect to begin in this activity.

Making its own candle, simple as a child’s play!

As for soap, candles can be easily created in different colors and shapes. They can be melt and mold very easily either with a latex or thermoformed mold. Posh, trendy or original, they bring warmness and happiness at home.

Thanks to candlesticks molds, in plastic or latex, creating a candle is very easy: add a wick, a scent, a color and then, the desired candle is ready. No inspiration? Special sets were created to realize very easily beautiful candles. For the most creative ones, some wax pencil, candle varnish or candle transfer will give very aesthetic effects.

Fancy masks are made in France in our plant in Preuilly-sur-Claise. Masks are fun for both kids and adults.

Birthdays, Christmas eve, carnival, parties or celebrations… every event is a perfect occasion to decorate plastic masks. Masks are made in a special material which is a perfect match with pencils, painting, markers… to express its talent.

All animal masks were designed to be funnier and more aesthetic.

Numerous masks for kids were created for more fun with the family. Cardboard masks are also available for wall decoration, while crowns and paper masks are perfect for quick and beautiful decoration. In need of a detailed mask with a special theme? Masks sets for tigers, clowns, pirates or witches are perfect for you!

The company is specialist in modeling products and is the official distributor for FIMO®

Modeling is one of the most popular activity in Art & Craft. It enables to create objects and jewelry with many different shapes or design. Modeling enthusiasts will find all the FIMO® products to all modeling accessories to realize different projects and use different technics: texture sheets in order to give a wood or stone effect, hidden magic technic or millefiori technics. Many displays are also available to make the offer even more attractive.

The well-known FIMO® hardening in the oven polymer clay is divided between different categories. True colors of FIMO® Professional gives brilliant and bright colors and it remains perfectly stable after oven for precise and fine works. FIMO® Doll art has the same advantages with flesh colors in order to give life to dolls and figurines. Beginners will use FIMO® Soft, easier to work with while FIMO® effect will emphasize all effects: glittering, shining, precious stones, pastel, metallic…

Those polymer clays can be used with basic modeling tools such as cutters, thermoformed molds, latex or silicon mini molds, texture sheets, extruder, clay machine. This way, all sweet or food creation can be created such as sweet jewelry.

Varnish, creamy effect, coulis effect are perfect and offer very realistic effects to realize macaroon or cupcakes.

Creative cards has still a big potential: it is the biggest market for Art & Craft market.

Scrap or DIY enthusiasts will be seduced by a large choice of products and will often realize impulse buy in order to create beautiful cards for love ones.

Scrapbooking is a very trendy activity and aims to make picture, frame more beautiful thanks to many colors and patterns: heart, ribbons, leaf, flowers, adhesive stickers…

Textures are also part of the game as scrapbookers can use adhesive felt, epoxy stones, tapes or even resin decoration in order to decorate cards or frames.

In order to draw, color or paint without any defect, a large Peel Off’s stickers product line is perfect. This product line can be also used as nail art decoration.

Fashion passionate will find everything they need in the textile customization product line.

We are partner with KI SIGN, a French brand, leader in France for textile customization.

Clothes can be decorated with acrylic paint (special paint for fabric) or permanent pencil for fabric which will be perfect for adhesive stencils. For relief effects, ribbons, studs or buttons are available in many different colors.

For an easy and quick customization, cotton printable transfer is perfect and some sets are available containing thermos accessories. Artists can choose between a large selection with many shapes, colors, or effects. Studs, glitters, lace…

Reinvented each year, schrink plastic also known as crazy plastic or magic plastic is playful and fun for kids. White, pastel or transparent, it has spectacular effects when put in the oven.

Available in different sizes, schrink plastic is a plastic sheet anyone can draw or trace on. The sheet can be colored thanks to paint or color pens, then the shape is cut or pierced if needed. When heated, the sheet is twisted and retracted itself by 7 times.

When finished, everything is ready to realize unique necklaces, earrings or key rings!

One of the best sellers, a large offer, beautiful products, easy to decorate, a real success on the Art & Craft market!

Tapes also known as masking tapes are very successful on this dynamic market. Available in many different colors, they can be used with many material to realize a beautiful notebook, decorate a vase, gift paper or even its own wallpaper.

There are two types of tapes: paper or fabric. The first ones can be used very easily and can be teared by hand. The second ones will bring a touch of warmness to realizations with new textures. Details are important for a successful realization: A little lace ribbon in a glass, in a wooden box or in an invitation can make a great difference!

Personalization is the new trend: DIY activities are very popular and unique creations are a must.

Parties or celebration are a perfect occasion to express its creativity and its uniqueness, that’s why Party time collection is perfect to make any event more beautiful.

How to give a special design to its table decoration? Invitations or announcements are decorated with felt, Japanese rice paper or stickers; Balloons are everywhere in the house and Origami napkins or decorated napkins emphasizes the table decoration. Organza bags contains fabulous sugared almonds or other delicious things.

Thanks to varnish or Gluepatch paper, rattan, raphia, objects and basketwork are decorated. Sweetness passionate will choose colorful boa or feathers. Shells will bring a touch of exotism.

Decoration material are easy and prefect to realize for aesthetic effects in all celebrations.

This large product range for wood, cardboard, papier maché, polystyrene and felt offer attractive prices and can be decorated in many different ways to fit all tastes.

These products include many designs and utilities. First, for kitchen and cooking: knife rest, kitchen tools, napkin ring… But it can also be used for office and bedroom, garden, home decoration or organizers.

Very easy to decorate, this raw material is useful for realizing beautiful and quick decorations, using different technics such as pyrography (when heating, it creates beautiful prints in the wood). Paint, gluepatch, napkin technic, paper or glitter also take part of all the decoration possibilities.

Available for adults and kids, this activity is perfect for stimulate kid’s creativity. Also, during Christmas time or Easter, these products are very successful. Vases, sweet box, pearl and jewelry can be offered for birthdays or Mother Day.

Creativity is the only thing needed to create fancy or harmonious creations and create a perfect home!