To make beautiful masks in the rules of art, it is necessary to devote time and precision. Creative seed opens the doors of its manufacturing workshop, where each piece is worked by hand and with the help of our machines. All our masks are conceived, created and manufactured at DTM according to meticulous know-how, and especially with love! Know-how, quality and authenticity are the words of the order of this production workshop. To better understand this mysterious process, Sophie invites us behind the scenes of making these wonderful masks!

How to make a fabulous mask step by step?

1- Our graphic designer, Chloe, draws each model, and then models each of the masks by hand. The models and the technical files are then validated and sent to our production workshop to start the manufacturing.


2- Each piece is programmed manually on the machine by the collaborators for each new mask arriving, depending on its shape and its specificities. Then they place the material to be shaped.


3- The cutting of each part is carried out by the roller press using a template delimiting the pattern. Every gesture of Sophie and her team require extreme precision, otherwise the mask would be distorted. Some models should be taken back to the réfilatrice for accuracy when cutting.


4- Cutting done, you must now remove the falls from the sponsorship! Parts must be carefully cut and removed from their plates to avoid defects.


5- Sophie now comes to adjust the machine manually, then carefully and symmetrically cut the eyes. Finally, it pierces the holes for the elastics.


6- Sophie performs a final quality control and can now deposit the barcode and French manufacturing labels. The masks are then put in cardboard and ready to be shipped all over the world!

After a little staging full of love on another model, here’s the result!



10 questions asked of Sophie, specialist in the manufacture of masks at DTM


1) How long does the process of making a mask take? Each mask is made by plate, so it is necessary to count between 45 seconds and 1 minute per plate of masks. Or 110 masks created in 10 minutes.

2) The manufacture of masks is a real know-how, what do you think are the main human qualities to create pretty masks? First of all patience (laugh), because all masks require a different mold and tools, as well as a new setting to be programmed on the machines. But above all a lot of precision and know-how.

3) What is the thermoforming technique? Thermoforming is a technique which consists in taking a material in the form of a plate, heating it to soften it, and taking advantage of this flexibility to put it in shape with a mold. The material hardens when it cools, and keeps this shape.

4) Is it the same person who realizes this whole process of manufacturing? The same person does the entire manufacturing process, but we are three to work at the workshop.


5) Since when does this activity take place in the company? Since 25 years, almost since the creation of the brand.


6) What makes you different from the other masks sold on the market? What’s special about them? Our masks are of very good quality, they are untearable, and are covered with a special paint to allow a better adhesion of the products added afterwards (paint, pencil, felt…).

7) In what matter are they made? Our masks are made of PVC, with a special coating for a better adhesion of the products.


8) Where does the design of each model go? Each model and its tool are first created by our graphic designer, and then sent to the workshop to start manufacturing.

1) Are there standards to be met? Of course we must comply with the EC standards, especially for the safety of children.

A big thank you to Sophie for allowing us to know more about this real know-how that is the manufacture of the DTM masks.



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