The FIMO® Effect is perfect for reproducing stone effects and creating very fine jewelry. The crystals are patterned with translucent breads and quartz effects and then shaped using a blade. The jewels, developed by Graine Créative, enhance the crystals and bring a chic touch!

The necessary equipment for this DIY:

Try it, have fun, share and remember … we all have talent!

As the summer holidays approach, the bodies will begin to discover themselves on the beaches. Here is the solution that will bring the final touch to your “beach body” : the temporary tattoo!

A real tattoo is a great personal decision and expensive. So we found the solution to stand out … at a lower cost. Here are some tattoo ideas to brighten your summer vacation!


The totally magic girly tattoo 


DIY tutorial: the glitter girly tattoo

Using a stencil and cosmetic glue, a pattern is made on the skin. Then sprinkle the glitter gently on the pattern, possibly with a degraded effect and spread with a brush. The tattoo can be applied to felt or glitter.


The tattoo will last between 2 to 5 days, enough to shine as a holiday at the seaside as a beautiful summer evening!


The ephemeral chic tattoo to start a conversation

Ki Sign « Dreamcatcher  » – 194679


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Ki Sign « Apache » – 194712

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DIY tutorial: the chic tattoo



The temporary marker tattoo to share with your BFF

We all have this best friend in the world. This unique person with whom we can stay on the phone for hours, share his best laughs and his biggest sorrows. Nothing better to honor this precious person than to share a tattoo on the same vibe!

The mysterious tattoo

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DIY Tutorial: The Temporary Marker Tattoo



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L’effet mokume gane est une technique de modelage simple et efficace pour créer une déco bluffante !

Le matériel nécessaire pour ce DIY :
– 1 récipient métal
– 3 pains FIMO® Soft blanc
– 1 pain FIMO® Soft sahara
– 1 pain FIMO® Effect or métallique
– 1 pack de feuilles de métal Cuivre FIMO®
– 1 pelote de 5m de Suédine
– quelques perles de bois brut (2mm)
– peinture acrylique or et cuivré

Pour emmener cette idée partout, tout le matériel est disponible dans le kit Atelier modelage “Ma suspension en Mokumé Gané”


Testez, éclatez-vous, partagez et n’oubliez pas… on a tous du talent !

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