Deviated from its initial purpose, the Queen Tape is the major concept of 2016 !

This adhesive tape is flexible, strong, waterproof and can be peeled off by hand. Its simplicity makes its strength. It is enough to superimpose the adhesive strips to give life in a few minutes to a vanity case, a handbag, jewelry and even children fancy clothing.

With ten solid colors and twenty exclusive patterns, this collection, designed in France by our teams is specially suited for any kind of customized project or object creation. A delight for the DIY lovers !

For the anecdote…

Adhesive tape comes straight from  the United States, where it is well-known  under the name of  « Duck tape » ou  « Duct tape ». It was created during the WWII and on initiative of  the United States Armed Forces.Waterproof, the Duck  tape  was designed  to keep the dampness out of  ammunition boxes and also used  temporarily for the reparation of  assorted military equipments.  Nowadays, the Duck Tape is a very popular item in the    creative leisure activities shelves in the United States.

queentape fleur rose


queentape leaflet