A manual activity loved by kids from an early age: the iron beads! Children’s imaginations puts on endless colours thanks to a back plate, iron beads, ironing paper and a little help of an iron. The new Perlou XXL iron beads, larger (10 millimetres) are perfect for kids from the age of 3.

An explosion of colours and shapes

No more creativity limit for kids! They can now give life to their favourite objects and animals with the new Perlou XXL. Ducks, deers, elephants, rabbits, bears and cars are ready to play around children. With the help of an adult and an iron, kids enter a fantasy world.

The iron beads to learn and create

With the larger size, Perlou XXL iron beads are a simple and playful activity for kids. These beads will help them develop between play and creativity, and get acquainted with shapes and colours from the age of 3.

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