With Playcolor, poster painting has never been easier and quicker!

Playcolor gives you the opportunity to paint easily on paper, cardboard, wood, glass, and mirror, ceramic and even on… the skin!

It’s fun, easy, quick-drying and doesn’t stain.

The collection features 2 formats of gouache sticks : Playcolor ONE and Playcolor POCKET.

PLAYCOLOR ONE : For young children. The stick format is adapted to the hand of the child.


It is consisted of 6 ranges :

  • Basic colors gouache sticks : 6 and 12 colors
  • Metallic colors gouache sticks : 6 and 12 colors
  • Textile gouache sticks : 6 and 12 colors
  • Fluo gouache sticks : 6 colors
  • Art gouache sticks : 24 colors
  • Window gouache sticks : 6 and 12 colors


playcolor window


PLAYCOLOR POCKET : For older children and adults. Lead is thinner and the stick is more elongated.


It is consisted of 2 ranges :

  • Basic colors gouache sticks : 6 and 12 colors
  • Metallic colors gouache sticks : 2, 6 and 12 colors


We also offer a range of dermatologically tested make-up, paraben-free, hypoallergenic and cleanable with water to the delight of parents !

Check out the 6 basic and metallic colours making sure your make-up is diversified.



It is consisted of 2 ranges and 3 displays :

  • Basic colors make-up : 6 colors
  • Metallic colors make-up : 6 colors
  • Basic and metallic colors make-up : 3 colors

The 3-pack sticks were designed to achieve 6 make up themes: Camouflage, Zombie, Pirate, Robot, Princess and Reptile.

playcolor make up


The Playcolor range is suitable for young and old. You can even sharpen the lead to achieve more detailed patterns. From now on, you have no more excuses not to paint… get your Playcolor sticks!